Umiki: The World’s First Ocean-Fused Whisky

May 26, 2020 | Asia, BIZ, NEWS, Singapore, TASTE

Want to get a taste of the ocean in the comfort of your own home? You can finally do it thanks to Umuki Whisky by Yoshino Spirits. The highly-anticipated drink will be available in North American and Asian markets in June. 

Looking for your next favorite drink? The search is finally over. Yoshino Spirits has revealed Umiki Whisky, which takes its name from the Japanese word for Ocean, Umi, and the Japanese word for Tree, Ki. 

Umiki will be initially launched in Singapore this June, and other Southeast Asian markets from September onwards. You can purchase it from upscale liquor stores and supermarkets. 

One of a Kind Whisky

This is the world’s first Japanese pine barrel-aged whisky. What makes it special is the filtered desalinated ocean water 200 meters deep from the Pacific Ocean where sunlight cannot penetrate. The whisky also perfectly blends Japanese ocean-side distilled malt, and grain sourced overseas. The curation was finished in special Japanese pine barrels known as Matsu. The low mineral ocean water also makes way for a smoother mouthfeel. 

As soon as you take a whiff of this 46% ABV whisky, your nose will automatically be tickled with sweet floral and seaweed notes, with a unique freshness and finish. Also dubbed as the first sustainable whisky in the world, this drink only makes use of a renewable water source for its blending.

“We know that Singapore is in a strategic position for gastronomy and trade in Asia that’s why we decided to first launch Umiki there,” said Burak Aslan, APAC Sales Manager at Yoshino Spirits. 

He added that the reason they chose Asian markets is that they believe there is an untapped market potential for the company, apart from its proximity to Japan that will facilitate quicker market access. 

Get This Bottle Soon

Still not sold on getting a bottle for yourself? You might be delighted to find out that Umiki has reaped a number of awards, including the Gold Medal from World Spirits Award 2020, and the Double Gold from China Wine & Spirits Awards 2020. Without a doubt, whisky fans will definitely be delighted by this drink.