Will Marine Collagen be the Next Skincare Holy Grail?

Aug 2, 2020 | BEAUTY, BIZ

Collagen has been trending in the skincare industry for years now, more than thousands of beauty drinks and products claim that it contains collagen that will do wonders for your skin. If you are looking for the best kind of collagen to take, take a look at marine collagen.

Anyone interested in beauty and wellness surely has a collagen product in their arsenal. With a global market that has reached a staggering $894.5 million, this ingredient has become a household name. However, there’s a collagen newcomer that’s about to take the skincare industry by storm – marine collagen.

But before you know more about it, you first have to understand where common collagen is from. 

All collagen supplements and those in skincare products are derived from four major sources – porcine or pigs, bovine or cows, chicken, and fish or marine collagen. The collagen from the first three kinds is extracted from cartilage, tendons, and skins. Most of this collagen is Type II. Type I collagen is quite rare since chicken, porcine, and bovine-derived collagen are more common and cheaper compared to fish. 

What is Marine Collagen and How Can it Help Your Skin?

Marine collagen or fish collagen is extracted from the scales or meat of cold sea fish. This type of collagen mostly belongs to Type III or Type I collagen. 

Unlike other collagens, marine collagen has been praised by tons of scientific reviews thanks to its benefits when added to ingestible and topical beauty formulations where it promises to quicken skin repair and improve overall skin appearance. Marine collagen is also sustainable since it mostly uses parts of the fish that are thrown away. 

One of the allures of marine collagen is that it has superior bioavailability. This refers to the rate at which food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. This suggests that fish collagen enters the bloodstream a lot faster than other animal-derived collagen, making it the finest choice for you. 

Since marine collagen is made of Type I collagen, it also has a stronger building block for flexible and durable connective tissues, skin, and bones. This lessens sagging skin by promoting natural collagen production. With regular use, people can expect their skin to look more supple, hydrated, and smoother. 

Why Choose Marine Collagen?

Around 85 percent of your skin collagen is Type I collagen, so it makes sense to use the same collagen to improve skin appearance. Type II collagen is more beneficial for joints, and not the skin. 

It’s also worth noting that marine collagen is a lot more absorbent than other collagen thanks to its low molecular weight. Because this type of collagen is gotten from fish, you can also have peace of mind that it’s free from diseases such as Bird viruses, and hoof and mouth disease, among many others. 

“You are What You Eat”

Not far from now, marine collagen will be touted as the premier ingredient for skincare. In a webinar organized by the Collagen Stewardship Alliance, Mintel Associate Director Andrew McDougall claimed that “now is the time for collagen. We’re seeing a lot of holistic health and wellness trends really booming; inside-out beauty is booming and there’s more understanding on ingestible – ‘you are what you eat’ really rings true today.” 

Every day, more consumers are slowly realizing the link between their skin condition and diet, with over 54 percent of UK women agreeing that their diet has had an impact on their skin. Because of this, people’s interest in beauty vitamins and supplements have grown increasingly, with over one-third of beauty consumers in China purchasing beauty health supplements. The same trend is also mirrored in the US, where 22 percent of consumers are taking supplements for skin, nails, or hair.

The Truth About Collagen Suppliments

The body’s ability to produce new collagen declines as you age. As your skin’s existing collagen breaks down, it ends up looking dull. Considering this, it’s no wonder why there is an increasing talk circling around collagen. But taking collagen is not enough – you also have to ensure you’re choosing the most efficient and fast-absorbing type, and marine collagen can offer you that.