The Ultimate Surf Camps in Asia

May 16, 2019 | Asia, Escape, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

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Want to learn how to surf in Asia? These amazing surf camps will help you conquer waves.

Thinking about where to spend your next holiday can be quite overwhelming, especially when you want to do so many things. However, if you love the ocean, surfing is the ideal activity you should not dare to miss; and there’s no better place to do it that the pristine and exotic beaches of Asia.

Now that you’ve taken interest in the surf scene in Asia, you’re probably considering signing up for a surf camp. Although surfing is a great way to destress and stay in shape, you can’t just go into the water for the first time without a coach. You would not only be putting yourself in a position of danger, but also other surfers in the lineup. This is why it’s recommended to join a surf camp.

Surf camps offer tons of package choices for beginners and intermediate surfers so you can maximize your potential. Additionally, these camps will give you a safe and fun learning environment. To help you choose what camp to join, we’ve rounded up our ultimate choices of the best ones in Asia.

Pro Surf School, Indonesia

Bali is rich not only in picturesque temples, lush rainforests, and sumptuous food. It also boasts some of the best surf spots in the world. If you want to test out your surfing skills in this tropical paradise, booking with Pro Surf School is the way to go. The surf school which has been running for over 14 years has gotten so many awards from Lonely Planet and even Tripadvisor.

Whether it’s your first time to surf or you’re looking for great coaches to level up your skill, Pro Surf School is the perfect choice for you. Because it’s located right at the beach, you can check out the surf conditions by simply looking at your window. The surf school also has tons of choices for the duration of surf camps. Through this, you will learn at your own pace.

Surf House, Taiwan

Looking for a unique place where you can relax and surf all day long? Surf House Taiwan located in the quiet town of Dulan is the perfect surf camp for you. This one of a kind surf camp is located in a pristine beach which has amazing waves that are perfect for beginners. If you prefer a more challenging wave, don’t worry because Dulan has something in store no matter what your level is.

The Surfer, Sri Lanka

By joining The Surfer Surf School, you are sure that you will leave Sri Lanka finally knowing how to make your way through a surfboard. Located in the beautiful coastal town of Weligama, this surf school is fully equipped to make your island dreams come to life.

It offers great packages which include rooms, great food, and genuine interaction with friendly locals. There’s also a pool conveniently located in the surf camp, as well as a restaurant and a chilling area. 

Surfista Travels, Philippines

It is no secret that the Philippines is rich in surf spots, and the teardrop-shaped island of Siargao is one of its surfing meccas. Should you find yourself in Siargao, joining Surfista Travels is an experience of a lifetime you should not dare to miss.

This amazing surf school run by a lady ripper herself will teach everything you need to know about surfing –from reading the waves, to finally conquering it. A look at its website will show you all the things you will experience when you set foot on the island.

On days where you’re too tired to surf, you can explore the island through boat trips and motorbike. Don’t worry, the local surf coaches will show you around the photogenic rock pools, and vast lands filled with perfectly-lined coconut trees. 

Mantra Surf Club, India

Although India might not be a part of your surf trip list, this place has a very lively surf scene that you should experience. The first surf camp in the country, Mantra Surf Club, has been offering surf ashram and yoga retreats for more than 10 years now. This ensures that you’re getting nothing but the best in the area.

Here, you will not only have the time of your life surfing uncrowded lineups, you will also meet friends. Signing up for a surf camp with mantra Surf Club will surely be a trip you will never forget.

Learn How To Surf Now!

Without a doubt, joining a surf camp is the easiest way to learn how to surf. This is because these camps have an undying commitment to help you get the best out of your surf trip. Learning how to ride the waves in Asia will be an experience you will treasure forever. So what are you waiting for? Get your surf-proof bikinis and board shorts ready because the surf breaks in Asia are waiting for you.

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