Ingenious Japanese Tech Innovations That Are Borderline Weird

Sep 23, 2019 | BIZ, Japan, SHOP, TECH, Trending

by Arvin Donguines

Japan has more than proven itself to be an important hotspot when we’re talking about technological development and innovation. Take a look at some of the craziest products.

It’s crazy to think how this one tiny nation from the Pacific brought forth so many things that literally changed the way how we live our lives. Consumer electronics, medical technology, transportation, even food and fashion, Japan always has something new and modern to offer for everyone.

And while we remain thankful for all these meaningful contributions, we still couldn’t help ourselves but laugh over those trending “weird Japanese inventions” that has recently been popping all over the internet. But these crazy things are not exactly what they appear to be and in fact, they have a name – Chindogu.

By definition, Chindogu are everyday objects that appear to offer solutions to everyday problems. These gadgets can fulfil an intended purpose, but when you actually use them, a whole new range of issues arise, i.e. embarrassment and awkwardness.

Call them genius or weird, or something in between, these latest Japanese tech innovations will make you scratch your heads and wonder the extent of what our minds can achieve.

Bringing Social Media To Eye-Level (Literally)

While Google has yet to produce consumer-grade wearable computer glasses or “smart glasses” for a much wider market, Japan has already been making glasses that provide straight-to-the-point features social media fanatics can make use of.

Called FUN’IKI Glasses, these eyewear relieves the wearer from the need to constantly check his smartphone screen for notifications. These glasses will literally push all updates right in front of the user’s eyes. And if you think it’s only about social media, this device can also help remind you of any tasks you need to be doing.

The device, which weighs half as that of a tennis ball, uses LED technology in its display and it has a mini speaker – you know, just in case you miss that blinking notification.

Selfie Stick With A Mic

FYI: Japan was the first to come up with the concept of the selfie stick in the 90s. That time, the gadget was deemed as nothing but a “useless invention.” While the whole world is now obviously enjoying the usefulness of this humble stick, the thing is actually still in its proto-type, incomplete stage.

While we incorporate the selfie stick to taking pictures and making videos, what our Japanese friends have in mind is a stick with an integrated microphone on the other end. Apparently, they tend to use the device mainly for recording themselves while singing.

Selfie Stick Mic - Amazon

If you dare think this is some kind of a joke, you can actually buy one over at Amazon right now!

A Fridge You Holla Over

This robo-refrigerator from Panasonic is the one thing you need if you think walking over to the fridge is already too much effort.

With this hi-tech fridge, all you have to do is issue a voice command and it will come to you, like a dutiful butler. It is capable of learning to navigate different pathways. This futuristic ref can also tell you the status of its contents.

And that’s not all. It can give recommendations on the best food to go with what you’re having. What a time to be alive!

Which of these inventions you think is nothing more but a Chindogu? Meanwhile, which of them could be the real deal?