UV Books Sterilizers Allows Library Goers to Feel Safe Again

Dec 30, 2020 | Japan, NEWS, TECH

Before COVID-19, going to the library to read a good book was considered one of life’s greatest pleasures. But due to the emergence of the virus, many library-goers have become paranoid to borrow books. To remedy this, Japan rolled out UV book sanitizers.

If you compare the number of times you’ve been to the library last year to this year, you’ll probably notice a huge difference. The novel coronavirus has changed the lives of many, and because people are not comfortable touching or borrowing books that have been in contact with strangers, libraries have started to lose readers. Thankfully, this is about to change. 

Japan launched a book sterilizer which is a machine that gets rid of the worries of people about germs on books they want to borrow. There are around 3 million book sterilizers installed around the country. 

In Japan, a lot of people go to public libraries. A huge percentage of this number are mothers who are concerned about passing germs from books to their children. The book sterilizer will ensure that the books are 100 percent clean.

How Does it Work?

You may think wiping books with cleaning wipes before borrowing it is enough to get rid of germs. However, that pales in comparison compared to what the UV sterilizer can do. 

Inside the machine, antibacterial wind is released. This flows between the book pages and gets rid of any unwanted material such as hair, dandruff, and other things. Then, ultraviolet rays are used to sterilize and disinfect the book. Aside from getting rid of germs and viruses, it also erases any trace of smell coming from food, smoke, or pets.

How to Use It

Using the UV book sterilizer is as easy as heating food in your oven. First. You need to open the book and put it on the bookstand. Then, close the door and press the “start” button. The sterilizing process will take 30 seconds to a minute. Once it’s over, you can take out your book and read it without having to worry about germs. And the best part is? Using this device is free for everyone.