Top Asian Podcasts You Should be Listening to

Jun 22, 2020 | AA, CULTURE, POP

Podcasts have soared in popularity over the recent years. This has made finding awesome content not as hard as it used to be. If you want to delve into this world, here are some great podcasts to start with. 

If you haven’t been listening to podcasts, you’re missing out. There’s a huge wealth of podcasts to discover no matter which topic you are interested in – relaxation, entertainment, and even politics. We have compiled a list of our favorite Asian podcasts to help you find your new favorite. Check out these amazing suggestions below during your work break, a short dive, or right before you sleep. 

Part Time Asians

One of our favorite podcasts, Davis and Andrews’ interesting banter may just be your favorite form of distraction. Part Time Asians is a podcast that centers on a wide array of important topics such as Korean barbeque, at-home haircuts, and which is better: sake or soju. The Duo also dives into major issues such as COVID-19, Asian identity and even Kobe Bryant’s death. 

Try this episode: It’s Not Gross in Asia 

Rice to Meet You

Hosted by Evelyn Mok and Nigel Ng, this podcast is the ultimate source of entertainment if you want to turn your mood around. This comedy podcast centers on Asian culture, but listeners all over the world can also relate to it. Whether you want to learn more about shirtless Instagram stories, tattoo ideas, or vegan Asian food, the two UK-based comedians have got you covered. 

Try this episode: My Grandpa Hid Money in his Fake Leg

The Dave Chang Show

One of the most influential Asian personalities today, restaurateur, author, and television presenter David Chang’s podcast is something you should not miss. In his show, the “Ugly Delicious” host discusses topics he is interested in – sports, film, music, and of course, food. The conversations in this podcast range from the host’s creative process, to the guilty pleasures of his guests. Speaking of guests, you’ll absolutely love his quick-witted guests as they talk about their inspirations, challenges, and successes in life. 

Try this episode: How Asian Americans Can Better Support Black Lives Matter

Sleeping Pill with Inka

Stressed in work and having trouble sleeping? It turns out you don’t need to shop for melatonin anymore thanks to Inka Magnaye’s soothing voice. Meant to be listened to at night (or for your afternoon nap, we won’t judge), this voice artist reads books and poems that can ease your anxiety and help you have a peaceful slumber. If falling asleep is not on your agenda, check out her Youtube channel for her amazing voice-overs, one of her voice-cover for PAL airline went viral.

Try this episode: Night three 

They Call Us Bruce

Hosted by Phil Yu and Jeff Yang, They Call Us Bruce gives its listeners a no-holds-barred conversation that centers on Asian Americans. The two hosts do a great job of giving a unique perspective on things that are usually never heard in mainstream media. You can expect to laugh and learn something new every time you listen to this podcast. You may also want to hug all your Asian brothers and sisters out there.

Try this episode: They Call us COVID-19 survivor 

Model Majority

If you are interested in politics, this podcast hosted by Kevin Xu and Tony Nagatani is perfect for you. These hosts created this podcast because they felt there is a lacking Asian American voices in the realm of politics, civic engagement, and activism. It’s one of the best podcasts that centers on troubling societal issues at the grassroots level. 

Try this episode: 171: No More Bullying! With Maulik Pancholy 

Have Fun Listening to These Podcasts

Podcasts are truly one of the best ways to digest and share information in the digital world. A simple voice to listen to while driving or walking, can make you laugh, and may even challenge your beliefs. Please support these artists by subscribing to their channels and continue to help original creators thrive. All the podcasts can be found on major platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

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