Today’s Must-Have: The Tiniest Wearable Air Cleaner in the World

Feb 7, 2020 | BIZ, GREEN, NEWS, Taiwan, TECH

Ible technology has developed a compact air cleaner you can wear to work, school, and public transportation. This helpful device is designed to improve everyone’s living quality and protect them from airborne bacteria, allergens, and viruses.

A look at the news is enough to make anyone panic – pollution at an all-time high, increased levels of illnesses, and new viruses. Thankfully, you and your entire family can finally have something to protect you – the Airvida wearable air purifier.

Take a look at any building and you’ll most probably see large air purifiers dotted around. However, what protects you when you’re outdoors? Airvida presents a unique opportunity for everyone who is at risk of airborne diseases and respiratory issues.

The device developed by Ible Technology, Inc, a smart wearable startup company, took home the CES 2020 Innovation Award held in Taiwan Tech Arena. The brand which started in 2015 is dedicated to releasing high-standard products that have undergone multiple analysis and tests to give individuals efficient and trustworthy devices they can use in their daily life.

What is Airvida?

The iconic Airvida is one of the company’s wearable air purifier series. The name itself is already meaningful – a combination of “air,” and “Vida,” which means life in Spanish. The product reflects the culture and craftsmanship of Taiwan and Germany, where it is an in-house design. It is designed to eliminate the hazards caused by volatile gases, pollen, dust, and PM 2.5. This elegantly-designed product is so small you’ll forget you’re wearing it. 

Made only with the best material, the Airvida has passed lab test results with flying colors and emits very low radiation of electromagnetic waves. It is also made in accordance with Europe’s highest product quality standard. 

The device is currently sold in 10 countries and has also won the favor of Japanese local consumers. Currently, it is recommended by Japan Nail Art Association and the Japan Ringolf Golf Association. 

The brand aims to deepen its brand awareness and product lines through partners in local communities. The company reported that pharmacy chains, including more than 600 Watsons stores in Taiwan, are becoming the major channels for healthcare.  By partnering with these brands, market education can be intensified. This can pave the way for increased sales and improved products.