This AR App Lets You DRNK Your Heart Out

Mar 29, 2020 | BIZ, Singapore, TASTE, TECH

The fusion of drinking liquors and augmented reality is not new. But for the first time, an app called DRNK AR is elevating this creative experience to improve sales of beer, wine, and spirit brands. 

If you’re in the mood for a drink, just open the app or play store and download DRNK. This app made by Omniaz, a Singapore based startup, aims to use artificial intelligence and augmented reality to vamp up sales of liquor merchants and companies.

About DRNK

In just a click, consumers can instantly gain access to a wide array of information about a product including its origin, aromas, recommended food pairings, tasting notes, and even digital marketing assets like brand videos. The developer also included e-commerce links so getting the liquor for your home will be easier than ever. 

This app is not only beneficial to those who appreciate drinks, but also business owners who want to train their staff about their offers. It can also aid merchants to gain consumer insights and intensify their marketing campaign. 

The app launched in Singapore in partnership with Wine Connection, one of the leading wine retailers in Southeast Asia. Through the app, all the local outlets of the company were transformed into an AR-experience store. The app even optimized more than 500 wine bottle labels in the app. Since the release coincided with Christmas, it had an adorable animated Santa Claus. 

According to the company, the app is set to globally launch in the latter half of 2020, adding that collaboration for the launch is in sight. Some of the companies that are already on board are PengWine which is a Chilean wine brand, and Fat Bastard, a French wine brand.

Purpose of the App

When it comes to buying drinks, feeling anxious and confused is uncommon. The lack of knowledge of various drinks causes people to end up walking away with a safe option or without a purchase at all. 

However, DRNK is destined to change that. When individuals have downloaded the app, all they have to do is scan the label of any beer, wine, or liquor to see a plethora of product information that can influence their buying process.