China Premieres COVID-19 TV Drama ‘Heroes in Harm’s Way’

Sep 15, 2020 | China, HEALTH, NEWS, POP

The first episode of Heroes in Harm’s Way was just released by China Central Television. The show centers on stories of people who risked their lives as they grapple with COVID-19.

China’s fight against the novel coronavirus is nothing short of extraordinary. In the face of the pandemic, people on the frontlines including researchers, medical workers, government officials, drivers, and volunteers have shown selflessness as they devoted their lives to fighting the virus. Recently, CCTV-1 finally launched the first episode of Heroes in Harm’s Way, which is the first-ever TV series that details China’s fight against the virus.

About Heroes in Harm’s Way

The TV drama was produced by China Media Group or CMD. Directed by Ju Xingmao, the bigtime show’s impressive cast lineup includes Chen Shu, Yang Zhigang, and Yu Yi, among many others.

The 14-episode drama recounts seven real-life stories that demonstrate the bravery and solidarity of the Chinese people. The story does not only recount the final stages of the battle, but also includes tales when the lockdown began in Wuhan, which was once the epicenter of the virus.

The TV drama characters recount how people were sent to Wuhan from different parts of the country to fight the virus. For instance, some workers were dispatched to work on the Huoshenshan Hospital, a temporary hospital built in just 10 days. The drama also includes stories of drivers transporting important medical equipment and goods to the city.

Feedback About the Show

Since the release of the trailer on Weibo, Heroes in Harm’s Way has gotten tons of positive feedback from netizens who want to pay their respects to everyone who made the battle against the virus easier. 

However, the state-sponsored show also drew flack over its depiction of women, with tons of internet users calling for the show to be pulled out. 

One example of a scene that caused outrage was when a head of a bus company in Wuhan was shown calling for volunteers, and none of those who came forward were women. This was viewed by people as a prime example of sexism and a blatant attempt to eradicate or lessen the contributions of women in the fight against COVID-19.