Want to Live in China? Here Are Some of the Best Jobs For You

Apr 29, 2019 | BIZ, China, ESCAPE

Models – China Motor Show – Robert Heese

Working in China can be a transformative and once in a lifetime experience. If you want to find out some of the best job opportunities for Westerners in the country, you’re on the right page.

If you’re a white person who wants to move to China, luck is on your side. It turns out, the country is one of the most job-friendly locations for Westerners. In fact, some companies have been the subject of controversy for renting white people to seem more authoritative or to appeal more to foreign customers.

Despite the issue of renting foreigners, China has proven itself as an interesting and rewarding workplace. Because of its vibrant culture and history, you can immerse yourself into a brand new environment and learn new things.

The best part is, China pays fluent English speakers well. Furthermore, you can get a chance to live somewhere which has a low cost of living – a great way to save money! Here are some of the most common jobs white people can get in China.

English Teacher

Teaching English is one of the most popular job options for native English speakers. Chinese people have been more inclined to learn the language so the hiring process will not only be easy, it will also be fast. You can teach English at any level in both public or private schools, various language centers, or even universities.

To be an English teacher in China, it would be easier if you already have prior working experience, a bachelor’s degree or higher, and have a CELTA or TEFL English-Teaching certificate. But even without those requirements, there are still available teaching gigs for you, although it may not be as lucrative.

Teaching in China

Teaching in China – Jarred Elrod


Caucasian models are very in demand in China. Although you think you are not as photogenic as the models you see on the American or European runways and magazines, chances are, you will find modeling gigs in China. This is because Chinese companies are always on the lookout for models for product commercials. Even if you have not modeled before, this is a must try!

It is common to land a deal for a photo shoot or a video shoot in China, especially in its major cities. Although the pay by the hour is high, you would have to get in contact with an agency if you want to have a steady stream of income.

Car Model - China Motor Show

Car Model – China Motor Show – Robert Heese

PR Officer or Promoter

If you have prior experience in the field of marketing, public relations, or promotion, there are tons of opportunities that await you in China. Many large Chinese companies are seeking to hire professionals to promote restaurants, fitness centers, and events to foreigners, and you because you can communicate well in English, they need you.

Because it is a full-time job, prepare to work in an office. However, you would have to present yourself well in public and online. The pay would also depend on your previous work experience and skill set as well.


This one may seem a bit weird, but there are tons of companies in China who pay white people to pretend as an employee or assistant in meetings. This will show other corporations how successful they are doing.

It does not require any prior work experience. However, you’d have to be very good at acting as you shake the hands of other company leaders. You can be tasked various jobs such as cutting ribbons for events, attending meetings, joining company negotiations, and many more!

Acting - Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce

Acting – Institute for Sustainable Development in Commerce – Philip McMaster


Whether you are a journalistic or creative writer, you can be hired in China. This is because your perspective as a foreigner is important. Some of the most usual tasks for writers in the country are writing about Chinese issues, destinations, and events. For this job, you would need impeccable grammar and good command of the English language.

Work in China!

Everyone wants to have a high salary and job security. Thankfully, jobs in China can give that to you! Even if you don’t boast a law degree or medical expertise, high paying jobs can still be within your reach. Although it may take a while to adjust, you will surely have the best time of your life working in China.