Beyond Pork Debut, a Chrissy Teigen-Approved Sandwich, and the Cutest Pikachu Donuts

Nov 25, 2020 | BIZ, China, Japan, NEWS, Taiwan, TASTE, US

We’ve gathered the most delicious news for Taste Asia this week – Beyond Meat’s plant-based minced pork finally available in Chinese markets, a magical chip saving Taiwan’s tech, Sandoitchi’s gorgeous sandwiches, Mister Donut’s Pokemon sweets, the end of an era for a legendary food truck, and Calbee’s first edible sleeping aid.

Chinese Market Now Enjoy “Beyond Pork”

Beyond Meat recently launched a plant-based version of Pork, which is one of China’s staple ingredients. The California-based company is the premiere meatless meat provider in the world. Beyond pork is a minced “meat” created to copy the exact taste and texture of real pork, and can be used in spring rolls and dumplings. According to the company, it can also be used to create delectable vegetarian versions of comfort foods like spaghetti and meatballs, and Bolognese. 

“We are not only launching an entirely new product innovation but our first plant-based meat product created specifically for the Chinese market,” shared Beyond Meat China’s general manager Candy Chan, adding that their launch in China marks the company’s commitment to this huge market.

Beyond Meat - Pork

The Sandwich that Made Chrissy Teigen Fall in Love

Sandoitchi’s sandwiches have been taking over Instagram since they launched. Recently, the Dallas concept store has become Chrissy Teigen’s latest obsession when they opened in Orange County, California. The visionaries behind Sandoitchi were even kind enough to show Teigen and her family how to make their iconic Japanese egg salad sandwich.  

Although Sandoitchi is only a couple of months old, it has truly lived up to its hype. Now, they are back in Texas and are planning a state-wide pop-up in Plano, Houston, and Fort Worth. 

Mister Donuts Launch Limited Edition Pokemon-Inspired Treats 

The biggest donut chain in Japan recently launched new Pokemon doughnuts and drinks just in time for the new Pokemon Shield and Sword debut on Nintendo Switch.  

This is not the first time Mister Donut treated their customers with a Pokemon collaboration. Just last year, the chain’s Pikachu doughnut was a big hit on social media. This time, fans can once more enjoy the banana-flavored chocolate Pikachu doughnut with whipped cream, the pon-de-Pokeball with strawberry and white chocolate glaze, and the Pikachu-tail doughnut with custard. There are also Pokemon-inspired drinks that come in three flavors – Scorbunny, Grookey, and Sobble. 

How a Coconut-Butter Chip is Saving Taiwan’s Tech

When visiting Taiwan, you’ll most probably see an unfamiliar green bag of chips everywhere. This iconic chip is called Kuaikuai (乖乖), and people believe that it can protect hard drives, computers, and even ATMs. This savory snack has become a favorite of the IT crowd so much that the phenomenon has been dubbed the Kuaikuai culture. 

It’s very common to see workers put the snack on top or next to machines. This is because workers believe that its name stands for “well behaved,” and so it will make devices function without any error. 

Popular University Food Truck Closes After Almost Four Decades 

Longtime customers of Yue Kee Chinese food truck were devastated to know about the closing of the establishment after 37 years. The food truck has served generations of students in the University City in Philadelphia, where it is a well-known lunch stop.  

Mona, the owner’s daughter, admitted that the deal breaker was the canceled classes due to COVID-19. Before the food truck closed permanently, longtime customers and even first-timers came to say goodbye.

Calbee Launches Edible Sleep Aids

Snack brand Calbee recently launched Nyumin, an orange-scented strip that has crocetin, which can be found in gardenia and crocus flowers. The chemical is said to improve sleep quality, as well as decrease fatigue. The snack is part of the company’s initiative Next Calbee, which hopes to bring light to innovative foods made using natural compounds by 2030. 

Calbee Sleep Aid

Nyumin was developed for over two years by Calbee Future Labo, the company’s research team. Because it is dissolvable, Nyumin can be eaten by people of all ages. The company advises people to eat it before sleeping. One box of Nyumin with 7 strips costs $10.32.