YouTube Channels to Level up Your Asian Cooking Skills

Aug 11, 2020 | Asia, Japan, Philippines, TASTE, Thailand

YouTube has also become an amazing avenue for fun and informative cooking videos. Whether you want short and direct tutorials or in-depth culinary lessons laced with humor, these channels are worth subscribing to. 

Years ago, you had to tune in to the Food Network to cook for favorite recipes. Now, you simply need to check YouTube to make your dreams of becoming a chef come to life. 

The website which started as a mecca for funny home videos has now become a home for some of the most entertaining culinary content not just for your favorite celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay but also amateur chefs. If you want to level up your cooking skills this and impress your family (or yourself!), check out these YouTube channels.


Produced by BuzzFeed, tasty has revolutionized cooking videos. If you spend time on Facebook, chances are, you’ve already seen one or two of their videos. However, their YouTube page presents an in-depth version of the 60-second viral videos you see elsewhere. 

This food-focused network is one of the most subscribed food channels on YouTube and is popular for its basic tutorials, one-pot dishes, classic recipes, and taste tests. If you are a vegan, you might want to follow another Buzzfeed-produced channel, Goodful.

Cooking with Dog

One of the older channels on Youtube, as you may have expected from the title itself, Cooking with Dog is a YouTube cooking show that is hosted by a mysterious yet adorable Japanese chef and her adorable four-legged buddy, Francis. While Francis has passed away, this YouTube channel is still continuing to educate its viewers about easy-to-make Japanese dishes. Some of its classic recipes include Gyoza, the notoriously hard Omurice, and Katsudon.

Erwan Heussaff

If you are on the loop about show business in Asia, then you probably know Anne Curtis. It seems like the Filipina celebrity hit the jackpot with her husband Erwan Heussaff who is a chef. 

In his YouTube channel, the French-Filipino shares a unique look at recipes like lechon paksiw, keto-friendly foods, and fun cook-offs with his celebrity sister Solenn. But perhaps the best content of Heussaff is his travel videos where he explores underrated parts of the Philippines and puts a spotlight on their local dishes. His Tawi-Tawi video is a fan-favorite. If you want to travel to the Philippines after the pandemic, checking out his travel videos will let you in on secret destinations you should not miss.

Countryside Life TV

When you think of Thailand, you may have a picture of the vibrant tuktuk-lined streets of Bangkok in your head. However, the country’s countryside boasts its own unique charm. If you want to take a look at how most locals live their lives, Countryside Life TV is worth checking out. This YouTube channel shares normal activities of those who live in the suburbs such as picking yummy santol from their backyard, and making candied fruits. In a way, this YouTube channel’s approach to cooking is like a stripped-down version of Li ZiQi’s videos.

Bon Appetit

While Bon Appetit may seem like a cooking publication aimed at moms, its YouTube channel proves that it’s for everyone. With 60 years of history, the brand proves that its dedicated pool of editors, chefs, and researchers are masters at what they do. 

Filled with excellent and well-directed videos of food tutorials like braised short ribs, gourmet Ferrero Rocher (it’s extremely hard, you may or may not have an emotional breakdown as you try it), and pasta Bolognese, you won’t even mind spending at least 20 minutes on each video. The next thing you know, you’re already sucked in by the charming personalities and banter of its hosts. Claire Saffitz is our favorite!

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is the pride and joy of Andrew Rea. Here, he marries his love for filmmaking and cooking as he adapts dishes from pop culture like the Ram-Dom from Oscar-winning movie Parasite, the dire wolf bread from Game of Thrones where he was joined by Maisie Williams, and the $5 shake from Pulp Fiction. 

If you love this guy and Bon Appetit, you’ll be delighted to know they have collaborated on videos such as how to make ricotta cheese, keeping up with a professional chef, and how to make Kombucha Miso Barbeque sauce.

Marion’s Kitchen

Great Gatsby? More like Great Grasby! Marion Grasby is a food entrepreneur, journalist, cookbook author, and television presenter with Thai and Australian heritage. She became a sensation after joining the second season of MasterChef. Her youtube channel is like a treasure trove of Thai and other Asian dishes such as traditional pad thai, crispy egg salad, and the best chicken katsu you will ever have.