The Ultimate List of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Asia

Dec 5, 2020 | BIZ, China, ESCAPE, Korea, Singapore, TASTE

©Jaan Restaurant by Kirk Westaway

More people around the world are diving into a meat and dairy-free diet. Thankfully, the restaurant industry is now redefining the boring stereotype of vegan and vegetarian dishes. We’ve gathered some of the best restaurants in Asia where you can get a healthy and hearty veggie meal.

Asia is known as a haven for meat lovers, but there are also gems that offer healthy and delicious plant-based dishes that are so good it will make you try meatless Mondays.   

Whether you have been a vegetarian for years or just curious about this lifestyle, these amazing restaurants will offer you more options than a bland salad. 

Dashu Wujie


This modern restaurant in China stands by its vision of wellness and balance not only with its food but even its interior design. Dashu Wujie’s kitchens are constantly whipping up innovative dishes that seamlessly blend innovation and tradition. 

Customers definitely feel the international inspiration, but it’s clear that the chef wants to uplift Chinese philosophies in its dishes. Some of the most popular menu items of Dashu Wujie include braised black truffle patty with lion’s mane, and house-made tofu with porcini mushrooms. 

Balwoo Gongyang


In the heart of Seoul, you can find Balwoo Gongyang, the only Michelin-starred restaurant which serves temple cuisine. It is run by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, which explains why dining there feels like being in a sanctuary in the middle of downtown Seoul. 

The dishes of the restaurants were made to invigorate the body. Some of the items in its menu are Porridge which aids with digestion, and Youmi, which eases fatigue and stress.

Whole Earth


Singapore has secured the third spot in this list with Whole Earth, a restaurant that offers Peranakan-Thai food. With an almost entirely-vegan menu, Whole Earth distinctively elevates the standard of plant-based foods with its fresh ingredients and meticulous cooking technique. Some of the most famous items on their menu are Enchanted forest, Ngo Hieng Roll, Olive Rice, and Penang Rendang.

Song of India


If you find yourself in Singapore, make sure to come by Song of India. Since 2006, the restaurant has become an institution in its own right. It’s set in a beautiful colonial-style house in Scotts Road. 

Song of India’s head chef is Manjunath Mural, who is originally from Bangalore. As its name suggests, it offers an amazing menu of delectable North Indian staples such as roti, and fish tikka made with Barramundi, as well as unique dishes that are common in Australia. It’s the only Indian restaurant in the area to receive its own Michelin star.

Fu He Hui


Located in Shanghai, China, this restaurant has quickly crept into the hearts and bellies of every food lover in the area, even nabbing the 29th spot in the top 50 restaurants in Asia. 

Since it was opened until it got a Michelin star in 2018, the family-run establishment has taken inspiration in the owner’s Buddhist practice. The 40-seater restaurant is housed in a three-floor villa and offers divided and private dining. Numerous antique treasures also fill the space, which includes Ming and Qing Dynasty pieces.



Offering quintessential British dishesm, Jaan is a standout when it comes to restaurants in Asia. Located on the 70th floor of the Swissotel Stamford, it’ll offer you a fine dining experience with a breathtaking view of Singapore’s coastline. 

Jaan only has 40 seats. Led by Chef Kirk Westaway, the Michelin-star restaurant is well-loved thanks to its constantly-evolving modern and light menu. Although meat is still offered in this restaurant, its impeccable vegetarian tasting menu will make you come back for more. 

Vegetarian Restaurants on the Rise

For many years, the idea of delicious food has always been tied to premium meat cuts and seafood. But these restaurants prove that sustainable dining and plant-based dishes can be delicious, healthy, and satisfying. The nod from Michelin is only a cherry on top.