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The Bears are Going Ape in Japan

Is this the beginning of the Bear Uprising? An episode this week in which a bear occupied a shopping mall for half a day has brought added attention to a mounting wildlife problem across Japan.

Sri Lanka to Ban Cattle Slaughter

The slaughter of cattle will soon be banned in Sri Lanka, the government said Tuesday, in a move widely viewed as a concession to increasingly influential Buddhists in the ruling party.

Whale Strandings: Some Notable Events

At least 380 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding in southern Australia, officials said Wednesday, in what is likely to be the biggest beaching of the cetaceans in the country’s history.

Why is China Buying up the World’s Donkeys?

China’s domestic donkey population has already halved in the last century, while the world’s total is facing extinction by the next decade. But what is the reason behind China’s strange appetite for the beloved beast-of-labor?