The Tasty Roundup: App Pays You To Eat Vegan, Cell-Based Lobster, Pink Pineapple & More

Dec 10, 2020 | China, Hong Kong, NEWS, Philippines, Singapore, TASTE, Thailand, US, Vietnam

In this week’s spread of tasty news – pay-a-vegan pays people to eat plant-based meals, cell-based firm Shiok Meats launches lobster meat, pink pineapple now available, white strawberries coming soon, the most underrated foodie destinations in the world, and RecoMentor launches site.

Pay-A-Vegan Pays Diners $1 For Every Plant-Based Order

In the past few years, there has been a steady growth in restaurants catering to vegans and vegetarians in Hong Kong, and it looks like this number is set to increase thanks to Pay-A-Vegan – an app that incentivizes people and restaurants to consume and serve food that’s free of meat or any ingredients from animals. For every receipt with a vegan meal, the app will credit the user with $1 that could be redeemed at a partner restaurant.

Del Monte Launches Pinkglow Pineapple

Looking for the perfect fruit to post on Instagram? Del Monte has got you covered. The brand just launched a pink pineapple which cost $49 each. It may look gimmicky but those who have tried it says that it tastes just as good as it looks. The unique fruit boasts candy aromatic notes and is sweeter and juicier than the traditional fruit. Meaning, you won’t only be paying for its pink interior, but also its taste.

Get Ready for The First-Ever Cell-Based Lobster Prototype

In 2019, Shiok Meats, a cell-based firm in Singapore, launched a prototype of a cell-based shrimp. Now, another cell-based treat has been added to their roster – the cell-based lobster. In an exclusive event, the lobster prototype was served as terrine and gazpacho. Shiok Meat’s vision is to produce foods that offer a sustainable source of protein to the world’s already strained food supply. The cell-based meat was created by isolating stem cells derived from lobsters, then growing them in nutrient-dense conditions.

Coming Soon: Strawberries That Taste Just like Pineapples

You may have already heard of the famous White Strawberry from Japan. However, this hard to find strawberry will start to harvest in West-Central Florida. Although the fruit doesn’t have a name yet, it has intrigued thousands of people. When the strawberry ripens, it develops a pink blush color, and its seeds turn red. Despite looking similar to strawberries sans the color, its flavor profile is very different from the traditional fruit. It has an aroma that’s closer to pineapple and it tastes sweet.

Asian Countries That Made It to The Most Underrated Foodie Destinations In The World

Chef Pencil asked 250 foodies and chefs to name the place they thought was an underrated food destination and three Asian countries made it to the top of the list. Bagging the first place is the Philippines which boasts a unique fusion of Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Spanish, and American cuisine that’s evident in dishes like Adobo and Lechon. Taking the second spot is Vietnam which offers the perfect mix of spicy, sweet, salty, bitter, and sour dishes such as Pho, Nem Ran, and Banh Khot. Thailand scored the fifth spot in the list thanks to local famous dishes like Thai curry, and Pad Thai.

Chef Pencil

RecoMentor Site Finally Live

If you’re a whiskey fan, you’ll absolutely love RecoMentor. The blog has gained success on Instagram, but they have finally spread their reach by launching a site.  Aside from detailed information and flavor data on your favorite whiskeys, you’ll also learn a lot of stories about distilleries and tools that are used to make the famous drink. Drinkers with specific tastes can also narrow down their search by specific categories to make shopping easier.